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Dark Tales

Updated: 10 May 2021

Are you a current or aspiring writer who enjoys dark imagery and dystopian themed literature? We are compiling shorts stories and poetry for a collection that will be featured in Aphotic: Dark Tales. This is the first book in a series that will feature bright new authors who deserve exposure to a larger audience. We have visitors from over 30 countries across every continent with a majority residing in the United States and Europe.

Send us a message on our new Instagram @VelvetCulture and tell us you are interested. When you have made contact we will provide you with an email address so you can send us your short story or poem for review. You can send multiple submissions however we can only accept one final submission for publication from each author.

Included in the book will be your name (legal or pseudonym) and contact information such as a website or social media platform. If you have not established a web presence it is highly recommended you do so now in order to direct traffic to your work.


Do I need to be previously published? Absolutely not. Work is chosen on merit alone.

How long should a short story be? There is no specified length. We believe substance and quality is better than some arbitrary word count.

When will this collection be published? We are hoping to get this book to print by July 1st. This of course depends on how many stories and poems we receive as well as time required to proofread and format the book for print specifications.

Are authors compensated for their work? Authors are not compensated financially. Compensation is through large-scale marketing and advertisement. This is the stepping stone to establishing your name and audience. You should begin to prepare additional work for individual publication once you have a following.

What are some ways to gain a following? You should have a strong social media presence as well as a website. Think about creating a YouTube channel so you can engage with your audience. We are currently working on some formatting guidelines and standards that we will share with everyone.

If this isn't about money then what is it? Art and creativity.

Will you publish books in other genres? Yes! We want to explore many themes that invoke a deep and meaningful response.