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Film & Photography Assistant

North Virginia

Updated: 09 June 2021

Currently located in Arlington, VA. Looking for one or more film and photography assistants. This is a volunteer position for collaboration and no experience is required. This is a great opportunity whether you are new to film and photography, want to learn more or just want to be involved in creative projects.

I am in the process of writing a short script which will be shot in Virginia or New Jersey (road trip!). You don't need to be sure about your decision. Just get in touch and let's see if our interests align.

Below is a list of things we will be doing and using during the creative process. If you're interested contact me on the new Instagram @VelvetCulture or TikTok @VelvetCulture

Concept & Design Composition Storyboard
Scouting Locations Finding Talent Logistics


Lighting Exposure Triangle Talent Management


 Editing SFX & VFX Audio & Sound


Software & Equipment
 After Effects Alesis V49 Canon 6D Mk II
FL Studio Green Screen Lightroom
Lightwave Profoto B1X Røde NTG2