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Updated: 14 June 2021 - Check Back for More

New Beginning

The bloom of a new beginning on a chill autumn night encompasses a love thought to be right. Her warmth gives color to a once black heart faded by a love as we grew apart. Blood tears from my eye as the day dawns death. Hatred was a passion now it lays to rest.


The sky is black eternal dark like my heart in your possession. Through my veins this pain inside as I write my last confession. I'll see you in my dreams my one and only love. Without you I am nothing, nothing without you love. Dying petals from the frost caused by many hated. Love is but a flower with vibrant colors faded. I can feel it slip away, more now than in the past. Erasing everything, something that could last. Its powers of seduction, not one thought left in my head. Its presence in my mind has left me feeling dead. I would often reminisce laying in regret. Has me feeling hollow wishing we'd never met.

Day That I Died

I'd kill for the love I want what was taken. Found what was true I must be mistaken. The chances of love have erased from my mind. Left me with life but has rendered me blind. Blind from the love and what is so true. I try to love others but I only want you.

Equation 7

Angel tears rain down from heaven. The path has led to equation seven. Life of lust and sinful thought. This is all we ever sought. On the wall the picture prays. Eyes at twelve cries six for days. Come and gone the thoughts of me. Burned to ash will never be. Morals six not twelve created. Ecstasy bestowed belated. Hell awaits the saint subsides. Unveiled my blindfolded eyes. Breathe my death you fade away. All your life for this one day. Angel tears rain down from heaven. Fell from grace equation seven.

Love Lust Decay

I am god incarnation. You are me, our creation. Love lust decay obsession. You are mine, my possession. Indulge your urges, deviation. Free your mind without hesitation. All sin lies within restraint. Seven nine we burn the saint. Not one of many but one of one. Shed your skin each rising sun. Live for you not expectation. Rid yourself of their dictation. You are god, incarnation. I am you, our creation. Love lust decay obsession. I am yours, your possession.

From the Sky

Like the dawn of the dead and the day that we met when angels fell from the sky. The sky billowed smoke like never before that's how I knew we'd die. All that is sacred has fallen from grace the day he welcomed seven. And all who had sinned prayed on their knees hoping to find a heaven.